Wines produced from indigenous Picolit and Verduzzo

Description: Golden yellow color, intense bouquet of ripe yellow flesh fruits, with notes of honey and raisins. The palate is dense with consistent fresh and fruity notes.

Grapes: Picolit 80% - 20% Verduzzo

Production area: Eastern Hills of Friuli hills 350 meters above sea level

Soil: sandstone of eocenic origin

Breeding system: Guyot

Grapes yeld: 18 ql / ha

Vineyard: grassy - not irrigated

Density: 4,000 vines / ha

Harvest period: late harvest after natural withering on the vine; the harvest is manual in boxes with selection of the grapes

Winemaking: a long withering on the vine is fundamental, stripping and fermentation on the skins for a few days, temperature-controlled fermentation, aging for 12 months

Bottle: 0,50 cl

Serving suggestions: Dessert and meditation wine, excellent with aged cheeses with special scents of fermentation, perfect with pastries made ​​with almonds and / or hazelnuts

Serving temperature: 54 ° - 57 ° F

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